Happy New Year/爱迪尔向您拜年了!

Happy New Year


As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit approaches, all employees of Jieyang Ideal Metal Products Co., Ltd. wish you good luck in the new year and a happy family!

Looking back on 2022, we are grateful for the strong support of our new and old customers, the cooperation of our fellow processing plants and raw material suppliers, and the hard work of colleagues in all departments of the company. Under the adverse environment of deteriorating global economic situation and the spread of the epidemic, Jieyang Ideal has forged ahead and made solid progress.

Looking forward to 2023, we are full of ambition: we will further strengthen the automatic production by machines, improve the technical level and work efficiency of the machine operators, strengthen the quality awareness of the quality inspection team and promote the cooperation of all departments of the company’s factory, so as to ensure the supply of better products and services to customers, and to welcome the new opportunity of development after the end of the epidemic and the reopening of the national border!







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