Kas puidust söögiriistad on eelistatumad kui metallist hõbedased vahendid?

When it comes to culinary equipment, homeowners are frequently spoiled for choice. Given the variety of materials and styles of kitchen utensils available, deciding which kitchen utensils would best suit your house is a difficult task.

To be honest, each substance has advantages and disadvantages. With wood and metal (especially stainless steel) becoming popular materials for cooking utensils, read about the benefits and drawbacks of both!

You might be aware of the misconception that “metal spoons will ruin honey”. Is that accurate?

This belief is based on the fact that honey is naturally acidic. A reaction happens when a metallic surface combines with acid, which may disrupt the natural condition of honey.


Just scooping honey with a metal spoon has no effect. However, you should never leave a metal spoon in your honey jar indefinitely. If you want to eliminate even the tiniest possibility of a metal spoon influencing your honey, a wooden spoon is a preferable option.

Any germs that may be present may be eliminated by following the proper procedures for cleaning and disinfecting your wooden utensils.

2 key behaviors to avoid are:

1. Never put any wooden cooking equipment in a dishwasher, including your chopping board, spatula, etc. Wood expands as a result of the intense heat, changing its form and occasionally resulting in splits. These fissures provide an ideal environment for bacterial development.

2. Avoid leaving wooden kitchen utensils in water for an extended amount of time!

How to clean them instead is as follows:

1. After usage, rinse them with warm water.

2. Use a sponge and laundry detergent to scrub them.

3. Rinse it off and use a dish towel to wipe them dry.


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