Erinevus 18/10 ja 18/0 roostevabast terasest terariistade vahel

It’s crucial to know the distinction between 18/10 and 18/0 grade stainless steel while looking for stainless steel flatware.

If these enigmatic numbers have you scratching your head and wondering what they imply, read on. Please don’t give up.

It’s not as complicated or difficult to understand as it could appear.

Simply said, the values “18/10” and “18/0” show how much chromium and nickel are contained in stainless steel, respectively.

  • Due to its hardness and stain-resistance, chrome, a strong white metal, is used to make stainless steel and other alloys.
  • Nickel is a corrosion-resistant silvery-white metal that is frequently used to cover other metals because of its lustre.
  • 18/10 stainless steel is composed of 18% chromium and 10% nickel.
  • 18/0 stainless steel is composed of 18% chromium and 0% nickel.


Roostevabast terasest kahvel


Recognize the distinction

So one has nickel, while the other does not? What’s the real distinction?

The shine and economic worth are two key differences between 18/10 and 18/0 flatware.

Both chromium and nickel have stain-resistant characteristics. Chromium alone is not a dependable rust-resistant material. When combined with nickel, it gains increased tensile strength. The combination of nickel also results in a brighter, more polished appearance.As a result, 18/10 items tend to be more expensive.

Stainless steel, with or without nickel, is a very durable flatware material. The delicate shine and low cost of 18/0 materials make them a perfect choice for informal restaurants as well as many high-volume businesses.

Overall, we recommend considering your demands and how frequently the items will be used before deciding on the best chrome/nickel mix for you.


  • dazzling radiance
  • Material that resists rust
  • Construction that is long-lasting
  • Simple to maintain



  • Soft radiance
  • There is no nickel content.
  • Design that is inexpensive yet prone to discoloration

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